I happened to catch the last bits of a home-improvement show last night that I thought might be useful to some people out there.  The show featured a homeowner with an older toilet (3.5 gallon per flush) and the fix-it people retrofitted a newer flush and fill valve to the older toilet.  The result was a toilet with two buttons — one for liquid (1 gallon per flush) and one for solid (3 gallons per flush, if I recall correctly). I thought it was a nifty idea to re-use an existing toilet, but to conserve water (at least for the liquid-only flushes).


There are a lot of abandoned houses out in the country, that have not been lived in in a long, long time.  Here are a few pictures of (what I thought were) interesting old kitchens and bathrooms.  Some of these houses must have been quite nice in their day, and some were quite large too. 

Here’s one of a pink kitchen (to the right). 

Reminds me of our cupboards.


I don’t think the cabinets were metal.  Also, I wonder what that faucet-looking thing is to the right of the faucet.  A soap dispenser?  

Lovely blue matching fixtures! I have mixed feelings about this bathroom. With the right tile and some cleaning, I think I'd love it!

 And you thought your bathroom needed cleaning?

Here's another bathroom, not as colorful. The tub had a shower riser coming from the tub spout, somewhat like in our house.Just an old, abandoned bathroom.


Great refrigerator!


There was a refrigerator like this that came with our house.  It’s in our basement awaiting use again.  I like the wood cabinets too.  And that wallpaper is interesting.  I forget what that backsplash area was made of. 

Finally, here are two pieces of wallpaper I liked. 

Duck, Duck, Goose!


Reminds me of a combination between Mission and Deco styles, or something.


Towel under tank to catch leaks

Since we bought this charming house in 2007, we’ve been slowly fixing problems identified by the home inspector.  This time, it’s the rocking toilet.  Besides wobbling, the flush handle had to be jiggled or held down in a cerain way to stop the water from constantly running.  Having to explain this to guests, and checking the handle each time the bathroom was used, was annoying.  Another feature of our old toilet was a leak from the tank which slowly got worse. We were worried that the leak might have rotted our subfloor, causing the wobbling. Sometimes, too, there was a slight odor.

We did not set out yesterday to install a new toilet. (more…)