There are a lot of abandoned houses out in the country, that have not been lived in in a long, long time.  Here are a few pictures of (what I thought were) interesting old kitchens and bathrooms.  Some of these houses must have been quite nice in their day, and some were quite large too. 

Here’s one of a pink kitchen (to the right). 

Reminds me of our cupboards.


I don’t think the cabinets were metal.  Also, I wonder what that faucet-looking thing is to the right of the faucet.  A soap dispenser?  

Lovely blue matching fixtures! I have mixed feelings about this bathroom. With the right tile and some cleaning, I think I'd love it!

 And you thought your bathroom needed cleaning?

Here's another bathroom, not as colorful. The tub had a shower riser coming from the tub spout, somewhat like in our house.Just an old, abandoned bathroom.


Great refrigerator!


There was a refrigerator like this that came with our house.  It’s in our basement awaiting use again.  I like the wood cabinets too.  And that wallpaper is interesting.  I forget what that backsplash area was made of. 

Finally, here are two pieces of wallpaper I liked. 

Duck, Duck, Goose!


Reminds me of a combination between Mission and Deco styles, or something.