Our bedroom needed help. Bdr1 This picture shows the new ceiling fan and brown curtains, but other than that, we weren’t liking the room too much.  There was a wallpaper border – soccer balls and footballs, etc. – running all across the top of the room.  Of course, the clutter and mismatchiness didn’t help either.  There really was only one way I could see to arrange the furniture though, with two doorways, a radiator, two windows, and a California king-sized bed.


My plan was to re-do the bedroom without the wife knowing.  Risky undertaking!

First, I gathered bits and pieces over time.  I knew we liked the blue-and-brown combination.  I splurged on a comforter cover at Pottery Barn, a Nouveau-looking turquoise-blue and brown, with some white and orange in the pattern.  I found sheets and a bedskirt to fit our odd-sized bed on Amazon and Target (discovered later, the same sheet set being used on the set of my favorite TV show, “Pushing Daisies”).  I had seen a pair of cool, retro-looking light blue lamps at an antique store, and while I was there, I picked up a small table/cabinet to be an alarm clock stand and book overflow depository.  We read a lot of books.  I wasn’t able to find a pair of nightstands, which was OK for now.  A small wool rug was found on eBay for a quite reasonable price.  I had also planned to make a headboard, but didn’t have a specific enough idea or the time to do it. And I ambitiously wanted to reorganize our sad little closet, but found myself without the time or plans to do that either.  Have to save some projects for another day!

As far as the wall color, I found that choice difficult.  With all the warm-toned woodwork in our place, I have trouble finding colors that don’t clash too much with the trim.  The Pottery Barn catalogs always have such nice uses of wall colors, but the vast majority of those scenes show painted trim.  We won’t paint the trim!  I settled on a gold-ish color.

Removing the wallpaper border was the worst part of the job.  I only had about 8 hours to do the entire room, and the border took up more time than I had thought it would.  I used wallpaper remover spray stuff, and a scoring tool, but with our bumpy plaster walls, those didn’t seem to help much.  Then again, since our walls are bumpy, the border wasn’t too stuck on in a lot of places.  The rest of the job – painting, etc. – was uneventful.

Here are the results:

misc 011_Small misc 012_Small misc 020_Small


I still have to hang up the picture rail, and get some pictures on the walls.  We always have trouble deciding how large the pictures should be, or even what they should be.  But, for about $300, I think it turned out alright, compared to before anyway.  The wife isn’t so keen on the wall color, but that can be changed easily enough.