Last time I wrote anything here, it was March, 2008. Time flies when you’re busy! Now I’ll make some excuses, and then provide a little update.


  1. Our daughter, who was just 4 months old as of the last post, is now 2. Keeping up with her keeps us busy and keeps us laughing.
  2. I took the Indiana bar exam last summer, which took some time to study for.
  3. Started my own law office. Maybe not the best time economically to do that.
  4. Got elected to our village board last year.
  5. We probably ran out of steam (and money) for non-essential projects.

House Update: The electrical rewiring finally was completed in summer of 2008. It sure is nice to have outlets conveniently available in each room.  The circuit box needs to be cleaned up a bit, and we’ll probably do some more wiring in the basement to accomodate a shop area and some finished living space.  There still is no power to the garage, though. I think it was in 2008, maybe early 2009 that I had shellacked some picture rail molding to hang in our bedrooms. The molding is still under our bed waiting to be hung…

Garden Update: The 2008 vegetable garden was a huge success.  We had several varieties of tomato, peppers, lettuce, and radishes. The asparagus we planted early that spring flourished. Our cantaloupes were wonderful. But, the raspberry sticks I planted in the back didn’t make it.  They were replaced by wildflowers I grew from seed.

The 2009 garden, on the other hand, was not so great.  The asparagus continued to thrive, but the tomatoes did not fare so well. The peppers did OK but they seemed slow to grow and make fruit. The cantaloupes sucked. Perhaps it was due to the cool and rainy weather we seemed to have all spring and into the summer. We also tore down the chicken-wire fence around the garden and instead used black fabric to block weeds around the perimeter. That wasn’t successful either. The chives I had planted in 2008 made a surprise reappearance — I thought they disappeared and were dead — and grew well.  And, we harvested garlic planted the year before.

In spring 2008, I dug up pieces of the huge hydrangea row alongisde the house and planted them in a parallel row across the driveway. They did well the first year and even better the second.  Last year I added new cuttings to the row to help fill it in more quickly.  We also planted a ‘Limelight’ hydrangea in front of the house, close to the street, and an ‘Endless Summer’ (I think) hydrangea in front of the house by the foundation.  The foundation also got a low, bushy pine (‘Mugo’) and some holly plants.  Most of the lilies were moved to the back of the house. 

Last fall,  I went on a little spree since a nursery was having a good clearance sale. I got a hazelnut tree, a ‘Black Lace’ elderberry bush, a black pussy-willow, and some other things, but a contorted filbert (aks Harry Lauder’s walking stick) was the best find. Getting everything home was one adventure, and planting it all was another. While planting the filbert, I fell into the hole along with the plant since it was so heavy.

The 2010 garden is still in the planning stages. We considered not planting anything this year, to let the ground recover.  I’m not so sure I can really plant nothing though.  At any rate, there will be some big changes.  Sice our daughter loves berry shakes, we’ll be planting raspberries again.  And, best of all, this year we can harvest the asparagus!