After a grueling weekend, more electrical rewiring work has been accomplished! The living room outlets are finished, and the ceiling lights are on their way. We won’t be seeing the electrician for 3 more weeks, so that gives me time track down cloth-covered lamp wire to rewire the two chandeliers before they go back up. We also have to find an outside porch light (leaning towards a hanging light, which seems a bit harder to find).

We also have to track down some brown modular cable/phone/ethernet jacks (going to put 4 jacks in each single-gang spot). I figure we may as well wire up the house since we’re already having so much fun.

We’d like to get another floorlamp to match the old one we already have, which also needs rewiring (go figure!).

It’s nice to see the progress; after the living room lights are done, there only remains the bedroom and bathroom!

I tried re-using the old cover plates, but the stuck out from the wall a bit, leaving a gap between the plate and the wall. So I got some antique bronze metal plates from the hardware store. Normally I wouldn’t spend money on such a thing, but they do really look nice compared to shiny platic plain brown (our old plates had a ridged pattern but we didn’t have enough since we installed so many new outlets).

Yesterday I went to Hancock Fabrics to get some fabric for a footstool (ratty secondhand store find that we’re going to make match the new huge Mama’s chair). I couldn’t help but get some fabric for curtains, and a new curtain rod, and clips. I didn’t think the wife would go for it, but she really loved it. The red wasn’t working in our space. I could even leave the wall color alone at this point, too. I also picked up a 24×48″ canvas using one of those Michael’s 50% off coupons, so it only cost $10. That’s going to go in the living room, in the huge expanse of blank over the TV. I also have to get cracking on starting what will end up being 4 18″-square paintings for the baby’s room.

Close-up of the pattern. Groovy art nouveau!