In the last week we’ve had a huge snowfall followed by a couple inches of rain. Some of the surrounding towns were flooded.
We didn’t get much water in the basement though; just the tiniest bit of seepage from a corner that already had some cracks. So, project one will be to seal the cracks, and apply some waterstop paint to the concrete walls in the basement to reduce the humidity down there.

Project two was a joy — cleaning out the gutters. I don’t know the last time they were cleaned. We meant to do this in the fall, but got carried away in other things instead. Anyway. A spaghetti spoon did the trick to scoop out the muck. And the “gutter slop” smelled exactly like the small from our basement floor drains when we didn’t have them covered up. So I’m assuming they’re all going to the same place, wherever that might be.

Project three is tuckpointing brick. While I was cleaning the gutters I noticed some of the brick foundation was missing mortar, almost completely in some spots. Sounds like more fun to me.

No exciting pictures to post.

Other than that, the rewiring is still in progress. We have a brighter floodlight at the back entrance now. We’re thinking about how the bathroom’s going to be redone sometime. At the moment we’re planning on a tin ceiling. The only issue will be whether it will be silver/chrome/nickel in color or white. I’d go for silver, but it seems new bathroom ventilation fans only come in white, and a white fan sticking out of a silver ceiling might look strange. We’re planning to keep the silver schoolhouse light fixture in the ceiling. We’ll see!