We’ve got a huge list of things we would like to get done during the next year. We’ll see what actually gets done!

1. Fence the back yard, so we don’t have to worry about the dogs escaping.
2. Have the plumbing checked out, and at least have the worst pipes replaced, if not all of them.
3. Finish the electric rewiring, including the garage and outdoors.
4. Replace broken garage siding and repaint all of it.
5. Put an entry door on the side of the garage.
6. Landscaping – cut down a dead tree, plant some new trees, put in some brick walkways.
7. Finish at least part of the basement – new bathroom and bedroom/office/playroom.
8. Work on the kitchen – this one probably won’t get started let alone finished next year.
9. Get some new furniture — things that match!
10. Install at least a plywood floor in the attic; check out venting the attic.
11. Restore the windows.
12. Scrape and repaint the roof overhangs.
13. New toilet, tile, and fan in the existing bathroom.
14. Crown, picture, and/or chair moulding in the rooms without it.

There. That comes out to a bit more than one project a month. I’m sure we’ll think of more to do — or we’ll have emergencies to deal with as they happen. I didn’t even bother writing down “check into installing central A/C” since I’m pretty sure that won’t fit into our budget at all next year.