I woke up this morning to find there was no water from any of the faucets. That means, no morning pot of coffee. Lucky for me, I had a gallon jug of water. I went to the basement to see if there was a frozen or burst water pipe. I didn’t see any damage or leaking but one of the basement windows had blown open (it refuses to latch closed). I did the best I could to keep it closed by basically piling junk wood in front of it, inside and outside. A while later, maybe 20 minutes, I tried the water again and both hot and cold were working. The mystery third faucet was not working still, coming out only at a trickle.
A bit later, I tried the mystery faucet again, and reddish-brown nasty water came out. It’s the first time I’d ever seen that here. It eventually turned clear.
From what I thought I could tell, the regular hot and cold faucets were originally from a well, went through a water softener, and then into the various parts of the house. The mystery faucet bypassed the water softener. I heard the owners a few years ago had trouble with the well, and switched the house to city water. The main water entry line now leads to pipes coming off the old water softener. I guess I thought that the mystery faucet was fed by the city water too, but maybe it is still coming from the well. I don’t know anything about wells but I’ll have to find out, I guess.