I had some ideas for the breakfast nook, where I make my coffee and do some reading for work in the mornings. The room also serves as additional counter space when we run big kitchen items like the mixer or crock-pot, and it’s where the naughty cat takes his meals. Since I’m the only coffee drinking, crock-pot using, cat person here, the nook’s my room. But it’s so boring. So I decided to paint. I had a color in mind, but I didn’t think Mrs. B would ever go for it, given that she vetoed my ideas in other rooms. However, my color choice was approved!

Before and After:

Can’t help uploading another one.

The curtain was there when we moved in, and will be replaced eventually. I’d like to put up a shelf to hold our gazillion cookbooks and some coffee items. Either a chrome shelf, or a wooden one painted white or red. Or both white and red. Awhile back, I saw a nice dinette set, red table and red chairs. It was a bit too expensive at the time. I think it’d look great in the room, but what we have in there now does work. And who else has a scalloped octagon-shaped faux marble table in a lovely shade of tan?

On another front, the dining room has been re-electrified. Last week I prepped it for the electrician by removing the old outlets (all 2 of them) and the light switch, making holes for 4 new outlets, and running all the wire to each and to the breaker box. All he had to do was install the receptacles and hook it up to the breaker box. I even adventured into the attic to remove some of the old knob-and-tube wiring running to the light fixture. Snip snip. It only took the guy not even 3 hours to finish off the dining room (if he had had to do all the work, I bet it would have taken him at least 25 hours to do, judging by his progress before. And, it wouldn’t have been done anytime soon, since he won’t be back until sometime in January).

P.S. The paint color is “Polished Turquoise” by Kilz (found at Wal-Mart); but I had Menard’s match it with Dutch Boy paint. I stumbled onto this website, which apparently gives you the color codes for many brands of paint. So if you see someone’s house site and like what they’ve done, but cannot obtain their paint locally, perhaps you could match it using this information.