We weren’t sure whether we’d put up a tree this year with everything that’s going on at the house. But we ended up doing a tree, thinking the bright lights would be something interesting for the baby to look at. And, it’s baby’s first Christmas, so we had to do something.

I was given the order to get the tree. “Not too big, not too expensive.” Oh, and not real, either. Normally I’d go for a real tree, but this year, I agreed that an artificial tree would perhaps be less hassle. I went to the garden store where I knew they’d have a huge selection of trees. And they did. Most of which were way too much money, though a few of them actually looked almost real. I don’t understand why trees nowadays are all pre-lit; are people that lazy to be unwilling to light their own trees? Naturally the pre-lit trees don’t come with energy-efficient LED lights either. And they cost significantly more than the unlit trees, though the only real value added would be a couple of strands of cheapo lights.

After browsing for about an hour, I settled on the cheapest decently sized tree they had. Six-and-a-half feet of fake tree, with white lights, for $40. This one didn’t come unlit. Looking back, I should have bought the colored lights tree instead. Whatever; I don’t see this tree being our main display for more than a few years.

So I successfully complied with Mrs. B’s instructions. Although, if I were let loose on my own to buy a fake tree, I probably would have gone with a white one. since the tree’s fake, it may as well proclaim it’s artificial fakeness to all who see it. The tree’s not fooling anyone. But, I was specifically instructed to stay away from non-green trees.

That’s about it. A few strands of LED bulbs, ornaments and doo-dads, and it’s done. I didn’t even hang up all the ornaments we have.

Secretly I am biding my time until the year I can put up a big, real tree. With the big C7/C9 bulbs, and TONS of tinsel.
Unrelated: the garden store also had picture rail hooks, which have been impossible to find anywhere else locally. And, at $1.49 for a package of 4, much better price than the 2 or 3 dollars per hook that I’ve seen online. Granted the hooks I got are not as pretty, but who can see up that high anyway? Not me!