We cannot agree on what to do with the living room and dining room. Right now they’re both painted a light beige with a hint of yellow (that’s what the prior owners painted the whole house in before selling it). Right now you can’t tell the dining room is a dining room since at the moment it’s the throw-everything-on-the-table room. And half the dining room serves as my office.

I was thinking of using red for one of the rooms. I like red. Maybe a brighter yellow, or chocolate for the other. But Mrs. B. isn’t so keen on red, and isn’t enthusiastic about painting the two rooms different colors since they’re so visible to each other. I can see that. The blue rug in the living room is going to go (it was left here but it serves the function for now). And should the rooms be two different colors, what color to paint the underside of the arch in between?

I really like what these people did in their house, but I’m afraid it might look so great for them because they’ve got the fancy ceiling beams and other goodies that we don’t have.

A little rant. I went to a few home improvement stores to check out paint swatches and pictures of interiors, and almost all the interior pics showed rooms with painted-over trimwork. A bit annoying for those that have unpainted trim, since the paint might look a lot different against wood rather than white trim.
I think I might write to Trading Spaces. One of the designers is actually from my little town, and my sister-in-law could use some designing in her house too. We’ll see!