It seems with our own house, there’s so many small projects that end up taking up a lot of time. There was the race to paint the front steps before the onset of the fall rains and cool weather. The PO never painted the steps, so they were bare and greenish-looking wood. We didn’t think they’d last too long unprotected, so we opted to paint them a standard gray like the rest of the house. We bought some sand-like material to mix in with the paint to make the steps skid-resistant.

Next, was “Project Storm Window.” I found a couple of old, decayed wood storm windows in the basement fuel room. I thought I’d practice bringing them back to life before touching (breaking) any storm windows that were in decent shape. Hours of scraping, priming, glazing, and painting later, I had a pair of decent storm windows. So I was lazy and didn’t remove and fill in the rotting wood (there would have been nothing left if I had). But they should hold up for at least this winter, marginally performing their duty.

That project led me to redoing all the storm windows, since we couldn’t have a pair of good (looking) ones and the rest not. But then I had to do the ritual to the actual house windows, some of which had no glazing on them at all! All in all it took about a week to do. Figuring out which storms went to which windows was another nightmare.

And, PO, why why why did you update half the storms to the aluminum screen/storm combos, leaving the other half with the wooden storms?